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Ragging in Calcutta Medical College, WB - student attempted to kill herself

A 27-year-old Calcutta Medical College student attempted to kill herself at the girls' hostel on December 6 after being allegedly ragged by a senior. On Monday, the first-year post-graduate student lodged a complaint with the Bowbazar police station against a senior girl student. A case under the Anti-ragging Act, which can attract up to two years of imprisonment, has been registered by the cops. The state health department has formed an inquiry committee to probe the allegation. The committee will be formed by the Calcutta Medical College principal.

According to police, the student has alleged that her senior, a second-year student, was "mentally" harassing her for the past six months. "She told us that she had decided to consume sleeping pills on the evening of December 6. She remembers nothing after that. Curiously, none of her classmates - not even her room mate - seemed to notice that she had consumed sleeping pills. We have lodged the case according to her complaint," said a senior police officer.

On Tuesday, the police said it was up to the anti-ragging committee of the college to take the case forward. "The anti-ragging committee has been apprised of the situation. We will take legal action based on their findings. We might add IPC charges at a later stage based on the committee's recommendations," said D P Singh, DC (central). Joint CP (crime) Pallab Kanti Ghosh said that they were yet to slap any abetment of suicide case.

Police sources though maintained that they have found certain "loopholes" that has stopped them from slapping any of the 13 IPC sections like (abetment to suicide, wrongful restraint, wrongful confinement, hurt, obscene acts and songs and criminal intimidation). "We are aware that the Salt Lake police had recently arrested two students under various sections of IPC. In this case, there was no physical harm. Moreover, we have been told by other students that both the accused and the victim have been involved in verbal spats earlier. Let us wait a little more than rushing in to action," said a source.

While the hospital authorities denied the ragging charge, they admitted that the girl had been "traumatized" and attempted suicide. "She consumed sleeping pills in her hostel room and was treated at the hospital. She has recovered now and returned to her home. We have a very strict vigil against ragging. No usch case has not been reported in the college for several years now. It is surprising that the girl has complained against a senior. We shall look into the complaint," said a senior doctor at the hospital.

"We are looking into the charge. A committee will soon be formed by the Medical College principal. We shall wait for its report," said Susanta Banerjee, director of medical education. source-articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com

Ragging in MIT Polytechnic, PUNE - 6 college students thrown out of hostel

Six college students staying at the Firodia Hostel on BMCC Road were recently rusticated from the hostel after a 16-year-old first year student of MIT Polytechnic complained of ragging. He and his brother, a first year engineering student who stayed at the same hostel, were subjected to physical and mental harassment.

The student, whose identity has been withheld, was asked to remove his shirt and greet seniors in the morning by going to their rooms every day. He was also asked to speak in bad language about his elder brother. The victim put up with the ragging for over three months, but informed his parents in Dahanu after he could not take it any longer. His parents then alerted the local guardian, Dinesh Munot, who wrote to the hostel authorities.

"We received an email on November 17 from the local guardian who complained that the victim and his brother were being harassed and ragged by some senior students," said Narendra Chuttar, rector of Firodia Hostel.

Munot had stated in the complaint that both brothers were being subjected to physical and mental harassment and as a result they wanted to leave the hostel.

The hostel authorities set up an inquiry and found the students guilty. On November 25, all six were removed from the hostel.

The expelled students, who had harassed the victim, were identified as Gaurav Abad, Anuj Modi, Anand Runwal, Manish Pitale, Srinivas Kathed and Nikhil Kataria.

"We had called up the victim students' parents and the parents of the guilty students. The guilty students admitted to the victims' claims, but also insisted it was only friendly banter. We found their behaviour was not in accordance with the rules and hence asked them to leave the hostel," Chuttar said.  He added that the parents did not want to register any police complaint.

"Since we are a private hostel, we are not bound to notify the college. However, we abided by the Anti-Ragging Act, did our internal investigation and acted on the issue," said Chuttar.

Munot did not want to get into the details of the ragging. "The parents didn't want to press for a police complaint as the issue wasn't that serious," he said.

Both the victim and his brother left for home after the incident and are expected to return to the hostel after a couple of weeks.source-dnaindia.com

Ragging in All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Raipur - Five students expelled from hostel

An anonymous complaint about alleged ragging at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Raipur, has led to the expulsion of five students from the institute's hostel and the removal of a caretaker.

Though the alleged incident of ragging has not been proved, action against the second year students were initiated as they violated rules by visiting the juniors' hostel on Sunday night. The five students have reportedly denied any ragging but have admitted, in writing, visiting the fresher's hostel.

According to officials, an anonymous call was made to the Police Control Room late on Sunday night alleging that some senior students were indulging in ragging. A police team, led by an IPS officer, reportedly visited the institute the same night and informed the authorities about the call and directed them to conduct an internal inquiry into it and initiate appropriate action.

According to AIIMS director, Nitin M Nagarkar, an inquiry was conducted by senior faculty of the institute who met almost all the first year students and sought their statements. Though no one complained about ragging, it was learnt that five second-year students had visited the hostel at about 10 PM on Sunday night and were there for almost an hour.

He said during questioning these students admitted to having visited the juniors' hostel despite knowing that it was out of bounds for them but denied ragging. Dr Nagarkar said since no formal complaint of ragging was made, but it was decided to expel the five students from hostel accommodation. He said the parents of the five students were informed and their entry to the hostel and mess has been banned.

Nagarkar, who was away to Delhi on the night of the incident, said an anonymous call was made directly to the police and the institute's faculty and the anti-ragging committee was not even informed about the incident. He said the caretaker of the junior hostel too has been removed for failing to bring the incident to the notice of the authorities and allowing entry of senior students.

The director said the institute has "zero tolerance" to ragging and if any formal complaint were made, strict action would be taken as per the guidelines of the apex court. source-articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com

Ragging in nternational Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM) , Kolkata - Two students arrested

 Two students of the International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM) were arrested on Tuesday for allegedly ragging an 18-year-old fresher. 

Riki Das had lodged a complaint with the Salt Lake Electronic Complex police on October 3. The teenager from Birmingham, UK, had taken admission to the institute last month.

Sending out a strong message against ragging at educational institutes in Bengal, the Bidhannagar police commissionerate has arrested two students of the International Institute of Hotel Management for allegedly ragging an 18-year-old boy from Delhi (recently his family shifted to Birmingham, UK) who had taken admission at the IIHM last month. The victim had filed a complaint of ragging with the Salt Lake Electronic Complex police last Thursday.

Riki had alleged that he had been assaulted by at least a dozen senior students on the campus a day earlier.

The cops nabbed Saddam Azad Sheikh (22) and Rajbir Singh (21) - both third-year students - as they were going to Salt Lake.

The accused have been identified as Saddam Azad Sheikh (22) and Rajbir Singh (21), both third year students of the institute. Both the accused were nabbed by the Electronic Complex police while they were crossing over to Salt Lake on Tuesday morning.

According to police sources, a few other third-year students, all of whom stay at a mess in Salt Lake and hail from Jharkhand, were also under the scanner.

Of the two students arrested on Tuesday, Sheikh is a resident of Dunlop in north Kolkata and Singh of neighbouring Chitpur. "We have begun questioning them," said an officer. "They have so far denied any involvement in ragging and claimed that it was merely an argument that the student claimed was ragging. We have reason to believe them right now. Only further questioning will help establish the exact chain of events."

The police said that the accused have been booked under several sections of the Indian Penal Code and Section 4 of the Ragging Prohibition Act, 2000. The IPC sections include Section 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), 325 (grievous hurt), 341 (wrongful restraint) and 506 (criminal intimidation).

The Bidhannagar police sources did not rule out further arrests. "We have been actively campaigning at all schools and colleges in our area against all forms of ragging. We wanted to send a strong signal through these arrests that ragging will not be tolerated by us," a top officer from the commissionerate said, adding that an assistant commissioner from the detective department acts as the nodal officer and follows up ragging complaints.

Dr Kushal Banerjee, co-founder of the Society Against Violence in Education (SAVE), whose organization helped Riki's parents lodge the FIR and also a complaint on the anti-ragging helpline, said the police had co-operated with them all along. "The boy was a student at Delhi Public School and his father is a respected businessman. They displayed a lot of courage to secure justice for their son," Banerjee said.

Sanjukta Bose, the director of IIHM, strongly defended the role of the institute. "We are an old institution, which is known to take care of its students. We have video footage that Riki got hurt during an argument. We have suspended the two students also. But it was us who had taken him to the hospital. It was I who signed the hospital documents, both during his initial admission and later when he was released. Our teachers took him to the Sector 5 Electronic Complex police too," she said.

Riki had received multiple injuries, including a nasty gash on the head that needed five stitches. Some of his classmates rescued him and took him to a nearby hospital, said sources. A traumatized Riki is now contemplating returning home. "Neither the faculty nor the authorities took any note of my complaints. Even after I was admitted to the hospital, some faculty members came to me and asked me not to lodge a complaint," he said.

Education minister Bratya Basu had earlier said ragging was a "heinous crime" and indicated that the government would come out with legislation to curb the menace. "We shall soon make stringent rules to curb the menace. The discussions are at a very preliminary stage. The state government is in no mood to tolerate ragging in any form and will not compromise on punishment," he had said.

Bengal ranks second in the country, next only to Uttar Pradesh, in cases registered on the National Anti-Ragging Helpline. Between 2009 and June 2013, the state recorded 233 cases while UP had 398.

Two institutes from Bengal feature in lists, compiled by the national anti-ragging cell, of colleges and universities that have reported the maximum number of ragging cases over the past four years. The West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT) and the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Durgapur, occupy third places on the two separate lists for colleges and universities.

In case of the WBUT, 91 complaints have been registered with the helpline from technical colleges affiliated to it while NIT Durgapur had to deal with 15 complaints. source-articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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